Silver Plated Wire


Silver plated Copper wire available in: 

0.40mm – 20m coil.

0.6mm – 10m coil.

0.8mm – 6m coil.

1mm – 4m coil.

Wire ranges from very fine e.g. 0.2mm which would be used for fine wire knitting & twisting, through to 0.6mm which is most commonly used for craft, it is a good average size & works for most projects with it being both durable & strong, it doesn’t easily break nor is it too thick to work with we then get thicker with   0.8mm, 1mm or 2mm which is a lot heavier but when used to make jewellery pieces it is thick enough to hold it’s shape when combined with some weight e.g a semi-precious bead as a center piece.  See wire gauges for the different thicknesses and conversion to US gauges.

Wire gauges (thicknesses)

European wire (coated copper or silver wire) is measured in millimetres whilst the US use gauges.

The most commonly used gauges are:

34 gauge wire = 0.16mm ( 0.006”) Good for wire knitting & twisting.  This is to fine for firm shaping.
28 gauge wire = 0.32mm ( 0.013”) Good for wire twisting & knitting.
26 gauge wire = 0.40mm ( 0.015”) Good for wire twisting & knitting.
24 gauge wire = 0.51mm ( 0.020”) Good for wire crafts & general use.
20 gauge wire = 0.81mm ( 0.032”) Good for making jewellery.
18 gauge wire = 1.02mm ( 0.040”) Good for making heavy jewellery as long as the bead holes are big enough


Additional information

0.4mm, 0.6mm, 0.8mm, 1mm

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